Shelly Swetnam

Founder and Managing Director:

As demonstrated throughout our website, Shelly has demonstrated that she will go above and beyond for animals in need. 2 years ago, she and her husband heard of the horror that was taking place in our area regarding illegal animal slaughter. They continue to support the Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) in their efforts to save animals. Just recently, she offered one of her farms to ARM as a staging area for another local raid. Shelly has 20 years of corporate finance experience ranging from HR, accounting, office setup and management, business location scouting, and corporate structuring.  She took early retirement to pursue her passion for Dressage and Spanish Horses. She has spent the last 9 years training and learning all that she could to then build her own Spanish Horse Farm, Kensington Ridge PRE’s. She continues to develop solid relationships in Spain toward her ultimate goal of concierge import and sales of PRE’s. She and her dressage team will spend this year showcasing some of her best Spanish horses for the winter show seasons. Over the years, Shelly has rescued animals in need but for her, it was never enough.  She needed to do more.  After her rescue of Peep, everything changed, and now Peep’s Playground has come to fruition.

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