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Peeps Road To Recovery

Peeps Road To Recovery - short version for the full version of this video visit: Kensington Ridge Farms Youtube page at: https://youtu.be/myd4194uUVM

Posted by Peep, Founder of Peep's Playground on Wednesday, July 18, 2018


We will go the extra mile to find and “save” abandoned and abused animals.  No challenge is to great.  We look for the “under dog” the one no one wants.  effort. 


We provide a quite and loving environment for an animals “end of days”.  No animal in the last stages of life should ever be euthanized in a shelter environment.  


Our sanctuary provides a safe and loving environment for animals that are having trouble attracting adopters.  Including disabilities.

Rehabilitation Physical, Health Issues and Behavioral



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Many wonderful animals are overlooked and euthanized as a result of simple misunderstandings and at times over reactions.  We strive to save as many of these "troubled" dogs as possible.  Far too many have so much to offer us with a little help, love and understanding.  Some of dogs rescued from shelters that have been deemed unadoptable have gone on to become service dogs for veterans and disabled people.  Don't judge a book by its cover because we sure do not.

Message from the Founder Shelly Swetnam:

My love for animals has been ever present since I was a child.  I have always been drawn to “the underdog”.  I have personally rescued several animals on my own and now I intend on saving  animals on a much bigger sale.  I have participated with Boxer Rescue, as a repeat “foster failure” and have pulled animals from local shelters when there was no hope of rescue.  I prefer to pull the sick and “broken” dogs that are not available for public viewing.  I get a tremendous amount  joy from saving these animals.  Now its time to take this passion even further.  I have watched in horror what human kind is capable of doing to these precious animals and have had enough.  For every dog I, and now the rescue saves that is one less lost soul.